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Drobo FS – Why I use it 1

Drobo FS – Why I use it

Posted by on April 27, 2015, 3:44 PM in Rein, Technologie

On a cosy Sunday morning, when I was just checking my mails (as I always do before I get up). I saw a disturbing message in my inbox… My long forgotten DroboFS  (4x 2TB and 1x 3TB, installed at my parent’s home attic) had sent out a mail with a critical disk error. I use this device everyday, mainly for storing my backups (TimeMachine) and storing my pictures and video’s. Together with my Asrock ION 330 it is the perfect storage solution to use Kodi (formerly known as XBMC). I myself know enough about storage and software to be able to set up my own server and ZFS pool and I did do this in the past. But: I’m amazingly happy about the fact I did go for Drobo. Why? As you just read there was a disk error. As I only have 1 disk redundancy I panicked a little, I went to my default web shop for disks, ordered a new disk (figured I could go for a 4TB model instead of the 2TB model that broke) and let it ship to my parents. The next day the disk arrived and I asked my totally non-tech-savvy father to replace the disk. He unpacked the disk, went to the...

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