Finally a family of 5!


And there he is, our son; Levi Martin van ’t Veer. Yesterday night, around 3:30, I felt the first contraction. Luckily you don’t forget experiences of this level, I knew immediately that things were serious. For a second I considered to wait it out, but good thing is that I didn’t. We rushed to the hospital, basically ignored every red light – I mean, time was of the essence! And an hour and 10 minutes later, we (well I) got to hold our mini man in my arms.

The Bible tells us 365 times that we shouldn’t fear. “Do not worry about the day of tomorrow” and things like that. Even though I am aware and know this very well, things can stay a bit scary when you don’t know how they will exactly play out. But every time, looking back, I can see the hand of God in every step. The oldest two were taken care of, we reached the hospital in time, delivery went well and fast… And that’s where faith grows, testimony upon testimony, time and time again, the reminders of God’s faithfulness and love for us.

And this confirmation was found again in our baby. The day before I gave birth I prayed: “but Lord, I don’t want to go more days past my due date, I don’t want him to be bigger than 4kg.” Our first was 4kg, and I don’t want to repeat that scenario. And as if God was thinking: “well, then I guess you have to give birth now” – because our little guy weighed 3994 gr!

“Do not worry about a thing” – it’s easier said than done, but they remain pillars of rest and peace, where we can build our life upon. God is good, always. He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us; a future of hope. (Jeremiah 29:11). Let us build on that, in the midst of the fight, and in the victory that follows. My heart overflows of gratitude – I’m ready to take on those sleepless nights!

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