Waiting, waiting and more waiting


Waiting, one of the things we’re all doing at the moment. We’re waiting for the world to open up again, we’re waiting to see friends and family again – in a way that we’re ‘used to’, we wait to travel and wait to go out and see the world. And me? Well, I’m still waiting for our little one to make his entry. Today is the day I’ve reached 40 weeks, full term as the doctors would say. The baby is ready. But out of experience, I know that it can take quite a while longer. Worst case scenario, it’ll be 12 more days. And I am so done.

I miss it to sit on the floor, to be able to play with the older two. I miss it to leave the house without considering where the closest toilet might be, because well you know, 5 minutes is about the max that I can go without. I enjoy the movements in my belly, but I miss it to sit comfortably on the couch, without cut off nerves or well, a constant water melon laying on your lap.

Last week I came across the following Bible verse: “Be completely humble, and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” (Ephesians 4:2) I was looking for Bible verses about patience, but it was more the last part of the verse that caught my eye. Because patience, as being a part of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), we already received in fullness. But ‘bearing with one another in love’… Well, that ain’t easy! Because what is the hardest thing to do when patience is slowly sipping away?

The fact that I need to be patient, isn’t really something I can do anything about. I can’t push this little man out on my own terms. But what my attitude will be in times of impatience, that is totally on me. It’s my choice, the way that I respond; and am I bearing in love? Well… We try, we do our best. And God will have to do the rest!


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