A new chapter has begun 18

A new chapter has begun

Posted by on January 24, 2017, 8:50 PM in Familie

It is amazing to be part of the birth of a child… A totally new experience which i followed¬†closely. There are 3 kind of people: the ones whom are informed, the ones whom are under informed and the ones whom are over informed. I am one of the under-informed ones, and my wife rather over-informed, all in all a good balance ;-). I’ll keep this blog post rather short, an extended version might come in later. Without further ado: We are proud to present: Our Family (extended) Gender:¬†male Name: Sietse Rein van ‘t Veer Birthday: 22/01/2017, 21:24 Weight: 4150 gr Length: 54 cm...

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