Prayer works.


Some of our good friends have been abroad for a while now, they left in the beginning of January. Right before leaving, they put their car up for sale, which has been at her parents in the meantime. The parents are out and about for a while now as well, so, we were asked to babysit the car. And in case a buyer would be interested, that we preferably would sell the car. You have to know that we’re not talking about a fancy sports car, but a simple –ugly- little red car. Standing there, on our doorstep. At some point last week, just passing by the car, I asked God if He just could make sure that this –ugly- car would get sold, so that I didn’t have to look at it anymore. The next day, Rein gets a message that someone is interested. And yesterday, these people came by. And the car? Sold! Hurray!

While this is a fun story, this week wasn’t all that glamorous. Something I prayed much harder for, much more serious as well, didn’t happen. Not the result that I was hoping for. But still I believe that prayer works. Because I know, that it’s not because I didn’t pray hard enough, or didn’t use the right words. I mean, I called the car ugly in my prayer, and now it’s gone. With one simple line. So, coincidence? I do not believe in coincidences. But, why? I don’t know, and questions will keep on coming. But I know that God hears me, that He hears us, because the car is gone.

In the end, it’s a choice – faith, believing. But I prefer to believe that prayer works, to get strength out of it and actually see things happen; instead of having nothing to fall back on. My God is bigger than my questions, bigger than my why. He listens, He is here. Prayer works, because the car is gone.

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