Perfect Love Casts out All Fear

Perfect Love Casts out All Fear

The last couple of days have been a great preparation for the baby to come… Our currently youngest (for approximately 4 more weeks) had a fever. Just like that. It started in the middle of the night, and lasted throughout the entire following day. I must say that the day time was really nice, Jeppe is already a very cuddly child, but now all day he was extra cuddly. And in a calm way. Well, a passed out way. The only thing is that this normally energetic kid has had his share of sleep problems. I have been told that sickness can mess up sleep training, well I can now confirm. The night that followed, he didn’t want to sleep in his own bed, same for naptime the day after. And I was already tired. So tired. Hello sleep deprivation. Of two days… In a couple of weeks, we´ll start a cycle of a couple of months. And it breaks me, no sleep. If they ever have to torture me for something, take my sleep away, and I´ll give you what you need. No, in all seriousness, it’s tough. It’s my biggest fear of the newborn stage.

Since last week, I’m reminded of this Bible verse over and over again. “There is no fear in love, for perfect love drives out all fear” (1 Johm 4:18) His love casts out all fear. Because Jesus loves me, I don’t have to be afraid. Because His love is alive in me, I am victorious. Fear is trusting in your own possibilities – which are obviously limiting. God promises that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. All things. He will send His angels to give me strength. He will send His angels to give me whatever that it is that I need. All that He asks from me is to trust Him, to keep my eyes focused on Him, to imagine my day with Him. He is there, He is always with me.

And after last night, and how the day went today, I know that this too will pass. It’s all but a season. A very short season. The days are long, but the seasons go so incredibly fast. Sleep is something precious now, but in a few years I’ll probably gladly give up a week of sleep if only I could return for this season for a little bit. So I choose to find joy in the little things. Enjoy the good moments and be filled by His perfect love.

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