My Brain, oh My Brain

My Brain, oh My Brain

Do you know those days, or weeks, or maybe even months, where you’re just so incredibly distracted? Every time you want to do something, it seems like someone needs you. If it isn’t one of the kids who’s thirsty or just pooped, it’ll be the cat that wants to go in our out, or just the general buzzing of my phone.

Apparently, it’s a huge challenge to give mommy some time to do something fully concentrated. Which makes me postpone, because I’ll be disturbed and distracted anyways. So, I leave the small stuff hanging, since I won’t be able to do them anyway, because you never know who will need you in that exact moment. That’s why I fill up my days with the small chores, things that can be easily interrupted; cleaning, laundry, tidying up… But my brain longs for so much more. It feels like my once very active organ is changing into a huge Jell-O – just to be able to connect to my lovely toddlers. But my 28-year old brain would like something too, just once in a while.

What about the evenings? When peace and quiet has filled the house, because the kids are asleep? The evenings? What is that? Those zombie hours that you try to fill out with all sorts of brainless activity, because going to bed at half past seven is just a no go?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my life, I do. I do have fun building train tracks with my son, and laundry that gets folded and put away gives a certain satisfaction too. My kids are awesome, and I love spending time with them. But how do I make sure that my neuroplasticity (I do still know them, those difficult words) stays active – intact? Brain exercises is what they say, they’re supposed to help. Maybe I should install an app for that…

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