Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone

In the mean while the first of September has passed, the Belgian kids and teenagers are back at school. It’s a long time ago that the beginning of September was my beginning of school. If I ever start working as a high school teacher, which my diploma tells me I should do, I will have this feeling again. For now, it’ something far away, if it ever happens at all. Here at IABC we have been running a full-time program for the last three weeks. I’m not going to class anymore, and I’m also not teaching yet. It still remains a search for possibilities, tasks and a job description. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough, everyone else seems so busy, or at least what they look like. People know what is expected from them, most of them are here for a longer period, but not me. I’m trying out a little. And that is part of the problem. I think I’m only trying, but doing pretty well. Or just well. Let’s get rid of this Belgian modesty. We are working on it.

Last week we had the pleasure of having Stephen Graham in our midst. A principal of an Apostolic Bible college in New Zealand. A man who got called by God for a new adventure when he was 50 plus. Sometimes we get stuck in a comfortable area where we do things out of our own strength because we know we can. We understand how things work, have a good overview and do not bump into too many difficulties. That means it is time to move on to the next adventure. In our comfort zone we do not need to rely on God, and that is exactly the thing He wants. “You gave me the stars, put them out of our reach; called us to waters a little to deep” is what Toby Mac sings in Beyond Me. It’s a song that has been impacting me a lot the last six months. God is calling us to things that are just out of our reach, so that we will look for Him, to conquer the situation. Only by putting our faith in Him we can reach the stars. This kind of faith is only possible by having a relationship. It is or would be foolish to trust someone who you do not know, there are enough stories to proof that statement. I want to look for Him in his Word, in music and in conversation. I want to know Him, so that I can put my trust in him; I want to see how much stronger He is. If I trust Him, He can show Himself to the world. Reaching the stars is impossible for a human, but with God, anything is possible. No situation is too difficult, not a problem too big, God can do everything. It might not feel comfortable, but it is good.

Stephen Graham’s words made me think again. Where do I feel just a little too comfortable in my life? I what parts of life do I need to jump out of my own pond so that I can grow again? Let’s say that we have some stuff to work on…


  1. Lieve Caressa en Rein,

    Je blog spreekt me aan. Logisch met de veranderingen die ook in mijn leven gaande zijn en de push om ook uit mijn comfortzone te stappen. Ik lees het vandaag en had deze woorden net nodig!
    Dank je wel daarvoor.

    Focus op God, achter Jezus aan in Zijn voetsporen en open zijn voor wat Hij te zeggen heeft. Hij spreekt duidelijke taal en we mogen leren om Hem onvoorwaardelijk lief te hebben en te gehoorzamen.
    Een hele uitdaging, maar absoluut de moeite waard!

    Dikke kus.

  2. Hey leukerds!

    Wat schrijf je goed, Caressa! Ik kan me er zelf ook zo in vinden. Mooi dat je ook zo open bent over hoe onduidelijk je rol nog is en dat je daar soms moeite mee hebt, maar er ook juist de tijd voor wil nemen om ‘een beetje te proberen’ (a.k.a. heel hard je best doen!).

    Jullie worden gemist in België, maar God beloofd grote dingen te doen door zijn kinderen die hem volgen waar Hij leidt. All the best! Xxx

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