Denmark – Part 2

Denmark – Part 2

And here we are, back in Denmark for almost 2 weeks. I did have the intention to write an update every week, but as with many other things it takes some time to get back into a new routine. The students are having a Basic Course like we had in our first weeks a year ago. It is good to see our initials RV and CV on the schedule. A new time has arrived. I have to admit, it feels a bit strange to be a small fish in a big pond. I was good at being a student, a steady and strong fish in my own pond. Anyhow, it was time God put me in the next pond so that I could grow again. Many questions, uncertainties and doubts, but at the same time many possibilities, certainty and support. It is great to be a volunteer at this amazing place.

We started this year with a group of 12 students, in total 7 different nationalities. A great group of people, I’m looking forward to grow together with them. To see them being active in the Kingdom of God, to see how they find their dreams and see them develop. God has a great plan with each of them. One of the teachers was talking about how she felt that God had hand-picked all these students. After sitting with them for a couple of teachings I have to agree. There is a plan, a great plan, God is about to do something this year.

Not only a new group of students have arrived on the school, but also a new way of working. Refreshment in the way of working, change in leadership, sharpening of the vision… We all have to work on it. And it is good, very good. Great new initiatives are started and ways of looking at things. One of these new things is the Open Evening on Tuesday. Bruce Monk (New Zealand) whom is an inspiring teacher with both feet on the ground was talking about how we are allowed to live by the grace of God on our lives. We as human beings have our limits, but the grace of God is pushing us over those limits. With Him and in Him we can do everything and anything. The only thing God asks of us is to stay close to Him, to let us be filled with His Word and love. The room was completely filled with people from all around. This was a little unexpected to be honest. Nobody dared to think that this first evening would be this successful. Encouraging for the future!

We are looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have. I suggest to you to keep an eye on our website in order to stay informed about all that happens. Every Sunday there will be a new blog!

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  1. Lieve mensen,
    Heerlijk om weer een blog te lezen en update gehouden te worden.
    Genieten van een nieuwe groei in jullie leven, weliswaar met de nodige pijnscheuten vermoedelijk. Je wordt alleen maar sterker, krachtiger en gaat meer en meer op Jezus lijken!
    Trots op jullie.

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