Another week has passed.

Another week has passed.

God’s love is real for everyone. Sunday morning I was having breakfast all by myself, waiting until Rein would come back from his shower. It took him quite a while this time.  I looked outside and asked God what He wanted to show me that day. Immediately an image came up, an image of an elder lady with white grayish hair and an intense purple blouse. I asked what He wanted me to tell her if I would meet her. God said: “nothing, but I want you to know that I love her.” Ah well, we would see. During the service I saw a lady sitting in front of me, she had white grayish hair and was wearing a purple blouse. You have to know, this lady isn’t really one of my favorite people. I don’t really like the way she handles things. But I remembered what God told me this morning: I love her. I realized again: God truly loves everyone, even if we naturally wouldn’t. If I want to become more like Christ, I have to put time and effort in looking at people through God’s eyes. Not always easy, but easy is not the life that I signed up for.

We had our famous Boot Camp again last week! In our previous year, boot camp equaled big challenges and meeting our limits. This time it had a complete different focus, the students could decide themselves how long they would walk. The main goal was: fellowship. A good goal to start our three-day adventure with. We enjoyed wonderful meetings with worship and good teaching. Our little house was located close to the West Coast of Denmark. We had to cross the dunes, climb a hill and there we were, looking at the beach. God blessed us with amazing weather, 3 days of sun. It was even warm enough to run into the water. I loved it; it’s good to be crazy ones in a while. At night we could enjoy the gorgeous starry sky. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life! We even got the privilege to see some shooting stars. The sound of the see, the soft wind and the warm sun, I wish I could take it home with me. Mostly the wonderful people we could enjoy these days with. Good thing we didn’t have to say goodbye, but can continue on our adventure in Kolding.

Friday we kicked off with the first Mr. B of this school year. The evening went great. By the end of last year we only used half of the space we got, this year we wanted to start in faith, by using our complete dining hall. We’re happy we did so, lots of people came! Very encouraging seeing how they enjoy these evenings. An enjoyable surplus for us was the fact that two former students got married the day after, which made sure that some old friends came over.  It was so great to see some students/staff from last year again. I really miss those people. That’s what happens in a place like this. I figure it’s just nice to know that we now have friends all over the world. And more friends are yet to come.


  1. Super dat God jullie gezegend heeft met mooi nazomer weer.
    Nu is het echt wel gedaan met de mooie dagen van die lange zomer.
    Maar goed, fijn om te horen dat het goed gaat daar, da

  2. Lieve meid, fijn om te lezen dat je stil staat bij het luisteren van Gods stem, want dat is niet altijd evident in deze rumoerige wereld.
    Het is goed om te weten dat God van iedereen houdt, hoe ze ook zijn of doen in onze ogen.
    Gods genade is eindeloos. Ook in het ontmoeten van oude vrienden en in het maken van weer nieuwe vrienden. Meisje je bent super en God zorgt ongelooflijk goed voor jullie.
    Liefs mama

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